When you hear the name Schwangau initially nothing comes to mind, why? The Castle Neuschwanstein does ring a bell, for most, it´s in Fuessen – well no, it´s not.

Schwangau is home to the Castles Neuschwanstein, Hohenschwangau and Bullachberg along with appoximately a population of 3370 people. Most people do come to see the castles and are done within hours. For those travelling with a little more time, the village, it´s people and the landscape around here make it obvious why royalty already enjoyed it´s hidden secrets.

Fantastic possibilities for hiking and biking at all skill levels, as well as varied culinary highlights of regional cuisine and the art of brewing beer make the area attractive to young adventurers and young families.

Pioneers in hang gliding used the terrain here for experimenting with flight angles and equipment. On lake Forggensee Tornado Catamaran sailing reached its peak with a fleet of 100 boats in the 80´s. Now mountain runners, triathletes and winter sport fans come and scrub their miles along and in the Alps.

Culture is around each corner, old roman ruins, cloisters, glacier sculptured landscape, classical concerts and open air summer festivals keep everyone busy here and just across the boarder in Tyrol.